About Us



let us introduce ourselves...

Hello! We are Paige (left) and Louise (right), co-founders, business partners, and best friends. We are two recently graduated art students who love printmaking!  We wanted to create this brand to celebrate our femininity in a fun (and cool) way, as well as support a cause we feel strongly about.  Tit Tees donates partial proceeds every month to women's healthcare, so know that your purchase will be going towards something good.


what are tit tees...?

Each tit tee is screen printed by hand, and all the designs are all created by us! The shirts are done layer by layer, and the craft is something we care deeply about.  Screen printing is a form of printmaking and it provides an opaque, long lasting effect on the shirts!  We are constantly thinking up new designs, so feel free to email us with any suggestions! 


why tits? 

We want to take the stigma away from boobs, and make something people can smile about. No matter your chest size, your gender, or your body type, Tit Tees look awesome on everyone.  You should never be ashamed of something on your body, nor should you have to hide it.  Own what ya got, and slap some cool designs on them while you're at it! If you ordered a Tit Tee, show us! We love to feature all our customers (you're all models), so email us at tit.tshirts@gmail.com and spread the love for titties!!

Thanks for stopping by <3 xoxox,

Paige & Louise